Georgetown Quitman County GA

Growing Quitman County

Growing Quitman County is designed to bring skilled and professional families to Quitman County. We are raising funds from the private sector to fund this project.  This money will be used 100% to purchase 100 acres of land.

The ideal family we are looking for will be hardworking families with an average of three school age children.  The goal will be to attract these families based on a point system.  Some of the qualifying points are listed but not limited: 

  1. Three or more school age children.
  2. Minimum credit score of 675.
  3. Able to build a three bedroom or largest house in the $150k range.
  4. Registered voter.
  5. Minimum commitment of five years.  We need them to be here before the next census.
  6. Match jobs that we have pledged.
  7. Be at least 100 miles from Quitman County.

The highest scoring families will be given five acres of land as an incentive to relocate to Quitman County.  We currently have the funds to support two families.  A generous donation made payable to Growing Quitman Co. LLC, which is a non profit organization. 

Our hope is to add approximately 60 children to our school system.  For other information, please contact Danny Blackmon, Founder of Growing Quitman County.