Georgetown Quitman County GA

Road Department

Barbara Griggs, Road Superintendent
Phone 229-334-5003
Fax 229-334-2151

The Road Department provides the following services:

  • Maintain county roads: patching, grading, and apply gravel as needed.
  • Maintain county right of ways: mowing, cut bushes, clearing and ditching.
  • Install: driveways, cross drains, haul dirt for driveways.
  • Unstop pipes and drains
  • Remove storm debris
  • Create and maintain road signs

Dirt roads should be traveled with caution because of washouts and slick conditions at a speed of no more than 35 mph or less when conditions are bad.

Traffic should always slow down and use caution when Road Department Employees and equipment are on the road for paved and dirt roads.

  • As you approach a work zone –please slow down, pay attention and watch for workers. Do not speed or tailgate. Obey flaggers. And expect the unexpected
  • Georgia’s Move Over Law requires drivers to move over one lane if possible when approaching stationary highway maintenance and construction workers, law enforcement or emergency vehicles, firefighters, paramedics, tow truck drivers and utility service vehicles in the roadway or on the shoulder and displaying flashing emergency lights.  If traffic is too heavy to move over safely, slow down below the posted speed limit and be prepared to stop.

For your convenience, you are able to make payments to Georgetown-Quitman Co Water Authority Commission over the phone for this service. We accept credit/debit card, cash or check/money order only

Culvert & Dirt Prices